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About Flash Kids

Flash Kids was created by educators and parents, for educators and parents. We stand behind our product and the educational standards it adheres to. We have vetted each product to coincide with the recently released national standards for each grade and are always optimizing the products to include new techniques and art that make learning fun.

Hanna Otero

Editorial Director

As a former teacher and as a parent, I understand the value of great educational products. When I was working in the classroom, I was constantly looking for fun, effective learning tools that would provoke that “a-ha!” moment in my students. I created my own activity sheets and study aids to get the kids excited about learning and mastering essential skills. I still use that approach today, always wondering, “Will kids love using this book?”

Every product in the Flash Kids series is influenced by children—my own included—and what I found to be the most effective and engaging tools to help students from kindergarten through sixth grade learn with fun and ease.


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