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Preschool Activities

Here are some simple activities to try with your preschooler:
  • Read, read, read! Expose your child to as many types of books as possible.
  • Look for letters everywhere. Ask your child to identify letters he or she sees on signs, in books, and on any kind of printed material.
  • Flash Kids Alphabet Flashcards are a fun way to practice letter recognition. For example, put three letter cards on a table. Read one card aloud. Ask your child to point to the correct letter.
  • Play rhyming games. Say a word and challenge your child to come up with a rhyming word to match it.
  • Cook simple recipes together and allow your child to measure the ingredients
  • Practice counting whenever possible—the number of steps from the car to the front door, the number of stripes on your child’s favorite shirt, the number of carrots on a dinner plate.
  • Have your child sort simple objects—buttons, toy cars, pasta—by shape and color.
  • Draw a basic pattern and have your child complete it.
  • Go on a shape hunt. See how many circles, triangles, or squares you can find in your living room, in the playground, or at the grocery store.
  • Use Flash Kids Preschool Skills books to reinforce concepts such as letters, numbers, opposites, and colors and shapes.
  • Practice makes perfect. Use Flash Kids Ready for School Flashcards to review essential preschool concepts.


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