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Preschool Series | Pre-Kindergarten


  $3.95 (USD)
$4.95 (CAD)
Age Range: from 2 to 5
Page Count: 64
Size: 8 1/2 X 10 7/8
ISBN-13: 9781411434240


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Prepare young learners for preschool and beyond with our Preschool Skills series. Designed to build a solid foundation for learning, each book in the series introduces an important early-learning concept. The series includes Alphabet, Numbers, Colors and Shapes, Same and Different, Ready for School, and Beginning Sounds—everything your child needs to get a jump start on preschool!


This Numbers workbook contains counting games, hidden pictures, and dot-to-dot activities to give your child lots of practice with numbers.
Each book contains 64 pages full of age-appropriate activities such as:

  • coloring and matching activities,
  • counting games,
  • hidden pictures,
  • dot-to-dot activities,
  • patterning exercises,
  • mazes and more!


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